Answering the Call

In my last semester at Shoreline Community College, I used up my final elective on a course about acting and directing for the camera.  This initial foray into film was an eye-opener to say the least.  I never knew the possibilities that lay in store when dramatic works were captured by a video camera!  The ability to direct the eye to a specific point, to influence the emotional and psychological response of the audience through the use of editing, music and sound effects.  How it was possible to create a picture with a larger palate than theatre had available…

I knew right away that film was the direction I was meant to go.  It incorporated all of the elements of art that I already had interest in, like theatre, but with more finite control over them.  Film also had the potential to reach a much larger audience than stage performances.  My mind swelled with the possibilities for a future in film and I became a sponge after college, soaking up knowledge about this new field with a passion (which I still do to this day!).  I’ve even read several books on film composition since graduating from ASU in December and have a bevy of books I still intend to explore as I expand my understanding of what makes films great.

But I must admit that it didn’t start out easy!  There was a huge transition from theatre and a mountain of technical information to climb before I started feeling even slightly proficient in this mediu.

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