The Whole Ball of Yarn

Although I landed leading roles as an actor, there was something about acting that I couldn’t embrace at that age.  It was the honesty of putting oneself into the mindset of another person who thought differently.  There was something powerfully revealing about that process that left me feeling vulnerable and exposed.  And some of the more mature roles I practiced put me into shoes I would never wear in reality and left me feeling dark inside.  So I turned my attentions towards writing.  

As a child, I spent many hours drawing and writing when I wasn’t doing chores or exploring the vast, protective beauty of nature.  I loved to make up stories and adventures that took me out of the hardship of my lifestyle; stories that captivated my younger brothers and later the players who rolled the dice to determine their fates in dungeons and dragons games I mastered.  I never wanted to be the player, I always wanted to tell the entire story, to determine what each doorway led to or how the overall legend would unfold.  So I applied this to theatre, writing plays that I hoped would find an audience on stages across the world.  Plays with twists and turns like I hadn’t seen before.  Plays that broke down the fourth wall between the audience and the stage or between the characters and their own reality.  But this sense of the fantastic was not meant for the stage…

Now that age has matured me, I am ready to consider acting again, but not at the expense of writing and producing films.

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