Life after the bus

The origins of my journey into the world of film is an interesting story, no doubt influenced by my experience growing up, but a different tale altogether…

When I was 19, I moved to Seattle, Washington.  Seattle, the emerald city, which holds purple clouds on certain evenings… Jet city; bustling and humming a unique tune, heard throughout the world.  Tucked away in the PNW, the Pacific Northwest, Seattle was the birthplace of grunge music and the sister city of granola with Portland, Oregon.  It was a great place to become an adult in the 90’s!

As I experimented with art and music with friends, trying to create a new phenomenon, I stumbled upon a wise old sage, who taught me the ways of the actor, or Jedi training as I liked to think of it.

A friend and I were wandering through the city when we stumbled across a costume sale at this quaint addition to the Moore Theater on 2nd and Virginia, the Director’s Studio.  The man who was running the sale, Earl Kelly, was the director of a children’s theater group that had just dissolved and was trying to sell off some of the inventory of costumes they had accumulated over the previous couple of decades.

My friend and I perused the shop and Earl came out and taught my pal some fencing moves as we tried on wigs and robes.  As I was paying for the items I had selected, Earl handed me a business card and asked me if I had ever done any acting or was interested in it at all.  I said I was interested and he invited me to an audition.

That audition led to my continued study of acting, theater and the arts at the Directors Studio with Earl Kelly as a personal mentor for five years.  This was the beginning of a journey into the world of theater, which eventually led to film.  I would like to think it was serendipity that landed me at that costume sale that changed my life forever, but it definitely made me consider the possibility of destiny…..

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One thought on “Life after the bus

  1. james

    I just realized I can drag Your Title to my desktop.I don’t know how people remember to read blogs.Out of sight out of mind.Now though you are on my desk top on a click away.

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