Part 11: Mustard Sandwiches

Salmon berries, fresh currants, pine nuts hidden in pine cones and licorice root found beneath the bark of a tree; wild raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and other berries I never knew the name of; all of these were a part of my experience outside of the cultivated fruits from the orchards of farmers.  One day, on a long walk, we found fresh mustard flowers growing in a field and put them between two slices of home baked bread for a spicy and filling sandwich.

Raw cow and goat milk, still warm or chilled with a layer of separated cream, without homogenization, in a glass bottle; homemade yogurt, tofu and legume sprouts, these are some of the things that you rarely find in stores, but are ever so good for you.

Experiencing these things were not lost on me, I was in love with every moment.  Thinking back on it all, these were some of the best experiences of my life.  At certain moments though, my thoughts were occupied by the chores of sustenance or a desire for more processed and refined foods or some electrically powered  form of entertainment.  It was so easy to see the comfort and satisfaction of others who ate ‘better’ and worked much less to maintain the basic amenities that most Americans take for granted and to wish for those things myself.

Many years later, having all of those things I always wanted, I can never forget how it feels to be hungry or physically exhausted or to taste nature without human tampering.  No amount of technology can imitate what this earth does, but it will always try.

Just the same, no moment in life can be truly captured, but in films we come close.  Sometimes, we skip past the boring parts so we can taste the most exciting emotions and sensations that life has to offer, but it is in these intimate small instances that some of life’s most amazing realizations occur.  Adding too much of that artificial flavoring cannot long trick the intricate tastes we have the capacity to experience.

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