Part 10: Conflicting Complexities

Rivers were also my thing.  Being a Pisces, I have an affinity towards water.  Oceans, lakes, rivers, streams….  I love the mist that rises over the meadows, the rain that falls like mist or in drops large enough to wet whatever they splash upon.  I love the fog, the snow, the hail and the sleet.  I once found stalagmites under a bridge crossing a canal which looked just like mushrooms!  I’ve felt the breath of life itself at the base of numerous waterfalls, the very beginning of some weather pattern which could touch another part of the planet.

I saw the mystery and promise of the trees atop the nearby mountain ranges.  Smelled the earthy saltiness of the oceans, whether covered in sand or pebble, stones or driftwood.

Later, I tasted the oysters and could imagine which beach they rested upon.  Sipped wine and could taste the various minerals, foliage and irrigation which made up their terroir.

This love of life, this appreciation for the beautiful imperfections that exist in every plant, animal and human, this is the basis of solid character study.  No one holds the key to the perfect human life.  Not even the most celebrated among us, no matter how lofty their title.  Everyone must stumble, suffer and struggle in order to evolve personally and collectively.

This struggle is what movies are about!  Whatever the objective, the conflicting complexities of what we bring to life and what life brings to us is at the core of every film you have ever loved.

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4 thoughts on “Part 10: Conflicting Complexities

  1. I love the way you tie the natural world into all of your thought processes and learning experiences. Your perspective and experience of life is so unique and a pleasure to read about! I especially like your statement about beautiful imperfections.

  2. Conan-

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts. Your stories and thoughts create these pleasing visualizations in my head. And being from Montana, I enjoyed the Big Sky state shout-out. Best of luck with your work and storytelling.


  3. You have such a distinct style and recognizable niche! You are going to be so successful I just know it! Good luck with graduation coming up!

  4. Liken your thoughts on what makes a movie. It really is the struggle, and it made me wonder if how the struggle is handled can dictate what genre and even the quality of the movie.

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